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How to search

The MVTR can be used to find out if a motor vehicle trader is registered and therefore legally able to trade.  Searching the MVTR is free and you may conduct as many searches as you need to.


Search criteria

There are three ways you can search the MVTR.

By trader

If you know a motor vehicle trader’s registration number you can use that number.  The registration number is a six-digit number prefixed with an M.  For example, M123456. 

You can also search using the trading name of the motor vehicle trader.


By company

If the motor vehicle trader is a registered company you are able to search using their registered company number, registered company name, or the company’s registered office address.

Please note | You cannot, at this stage, search the MVTR using a company's New Zealand Business Number (NZBN).


By individual

If the motor vehicle trader is registered as an individual, rather than a company, you are able to search on their name, for example John Adam Doe, or on the person’s residential address.

NOTE | If you are searching by name you must enter the name exactly as it has been entered on the register. That is, ABC Motors Limited could be entered as:

  • A B C Motors Limited
  • A B C Motors Ltd
  • ABC Motors Limited
  • ABC Motors Ltd
  • A.B.C Motors Limited
  • A.B.C Motors Ltd


In order to return accurate search results, you must enter the name as it appears on the MVTR – including any spaces, full stops, special characters, etc.   You may wish to search on all possible variations of a name to ensure an accurate result is returned.

 [internal link] Search the Motor Vehicle Traders Register now.


Last updated 2 December 2013


The MVSA sets out the criteria for who needs to register as a motor vehicle trader.  Find out who is, and isn’t, required to register by viewing Who needs to register?

If you would like to make a complaint about a trader who you believe to be unregistered, find out how to submit a complaint.