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Learn more about the Motor Vehicle Sales Act 2003 in this area of the site.  Find out who is required to register as a motor vehicle trader and their responsibilities to consumers.  Learn where you can take a complaint and the process to follow with different agencies.


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What is the Motor Vehicle Sales Act 2003?

New Zealand's Motor Vehicle Sales Act (MVSA) came into effect on 15 December 2003.

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Traders responsibilities to buyers

Traders have a number of responsibilities to consumers under the MVSA.

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Different agencies are responsible for different parts of the MVSA.

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What the MVTR doesn’t do, and who else can help

There are several agencies who can help if you have problems related to buying a motor vehicle. Check out the most common issues that the Registrar of Motor Vehicle Traders doesn't deal with and find details of who may be able to help.

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Page Who needs to register?
Last updated 7 January 2015


If you would like to find out if a trader is registered under the Motor Vehicle Sales Act 2003 you can search the MVTR for free as many times as you like. 

Learn how to search and understanding your search results.

Do you have a query about vehicle licensing?  
New Zealand Transport Agency
is the agency responsible.


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