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What the MVTR does

The Motor Vehicle Traders Register (MVTR) holds essential information about registered traders and their business.  You can register and maintain your registration online. You can also search the register for registered traders along with banned traders.


Search the register

The MVTR can be used to find out if a motor vehicle trader is registered and therefore legally able to trade. 


Search the online register for:



Register as a motor vehicle trader

The Motor Vehicle Sales Act 2003 (MVSA) sets out the criteria for who must register as a motor vehicle trader.  Basically, all persons carrying on the business of motor vehicle trading are required to register under the MVSA. 


Apply online now to:


Maintain motor vehicle trader registration details

Once you have registered as a motor vehicle trader you need to keep your registration information up to date.


Use our online service to:


Last updated 7 January 2015


If you need help using the MVTR, start here for some of the answers.

Use our Ask a question service to browse through some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs).  If your question is not answered there, you will have the opportunity to send it directly to us.