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Don't let your registration expire

If you are continuing in the business of motor vehicle trading, you must renew your registration before the expiry date of your current registration.


How do you know your registration expiry date?

The certificate of registration sent to you when you registered as a motor vehicle trader shows the date that your registration expires.

You must renew your registration before this date. 

We will send you a reminder

The Registrar will send a renewal reminder 20 working days before your registration expiry date.  This notice will be sent to the contact address listed for your registration (either a postal or email address).


How do you renew?

The quickest way to renew your registration is using our online service but if you prefer, you can complete and file a paper form. 

There are essentially two steps to renewing online.

  1. Before the expiry date initiate the renewal process and pay your renewal fee of NZ$595.95.
  2. Then, within 20 days, complete and fax back your signed statutory declaration(s) to +64 9 913 4212.


As soon as you receive your reminder notice, go to and follow the steps outlined in the reminder.  


What happens if you don't renew?

The Motor Vehicle Securities Act 2003 (MVSA) does not allow for expired registrations to be re-instated.  

If you don't renew your registration before the expiry date, you will need to complete a new application to register as a motor vehicle trader.  This means you will be issued with a new registered trader number. 

If you operate as a motor vehicle trader without a current registration you will be in breach of the MVSA and will be liable for prosecution.  There are fines associated with trading whilst unregistered.


Mark your calendar now

Check your certificate of registration to see when your registration is due to expire.

A free search of the Motor Vehicle Traders Register will also show you the date you first registered and the dates of any subsequent renewals.  This will help to provide you with an indication of when you are next due to renew.


Last updated 20 January 2011


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