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Registered traders must use their correct name when selling motor vehicles

27 September 2017

On 27 September 2017 you should have received the below information in an email – if you have not received this email notification you should update your email address through Maintain my Registration.

When selling motor vehicles, all registered motor vehicle traders are required to use the correct name as per their registration. This applies to traders registered as individuals and companies.

What is the right name?

The name that should be used for selling motor vehicles is the name that is listed on your Certificate of Registration.

When do I need to use my trading name?

Basically, whenever you are operating as a registered motor vehicle trader including:

  • CIN Notices
  • Contracts for sale
  • Change of ownership forms
  • Any other relevant legal documentation
  • Any other financial documentation or associated contracts.

Examples of using the trading name correctly

John Smith is a registered motor vehicle trader. His trading name is JS Cars. The contracts for the vehicles he sells should refer to the seller as "John Smith" (not just "JS Cars" or any other name).

Jane Doe is employed by ABC Cars Limited. ABC Cars Limited is a registered motor vehicle trader, not Jane Doe. When Jane is preparing consumer information notices for the cars she sells on behalf of the business, they should refer to "ABC Cars Limited".

What happens if I don't use the right name?

Not using the right name may be an offence under the Motor Vehicle Sales Act 2003 or the Fair Trading Act 1986, and may lead to action being taken by the Registrar against the trader concerned.

Who can I ask if I have questions?

We're here to help - if you would like more information about this update, you can have a look at our website, call us on 0508 MOTORTRADERS (0508 668 678) or email us at

When contacting the Registrar, please put your registration number in any correspondence. This means we can identify who you are and reply to your query as soon as possible.

Last updated 2 October 2017


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