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Pop-up blockers

If you have clicked on a document and nothing appears, it may be that you have a pop-up blocker installed on your PC. 

Below are a few of the most common pop-up blockers we have encountered and instructions on how to enable and disable pop-up blockers:


Please note | If you have one or more of these pop-up blockers installed on your PC, then you will need to turn them all off to view our documents.



Internet Explorer

Note | These instructions and images relate to Internet Explorer 8

Select Tools then roll your mouse over Pop-up Blocker and choose Turn off Pop-up Blocker.


[image] IE8 turn off pop-up blocker.


Mozilla Firefox

Note | These instructions and images relate to Mozilla Firefox 10


  1. Select the Firefox button in the top left hand corner of your browser window then choose Options then Options again from the sub-menu
    Note | If you have your Firefox Menu Bar displayed, choose Tools > Options
  1. Select the Content icon
  2. Select the Exceptions... button next to Block popup windows
  3. Type in the Address of web site: field then click on Allow
  4. Click Close and OK until you are back at the website.


[image] Mozilla Firefox pop-up blockers.



Google Chrome

Note | These instructions and images relate to Google Chrome 9

  1. Select the Settings option located in the top right hand corner of your browser window.  
  2. From the menu select Options then the Under the Hood tab and Content settings...
  3. Select the Pop-ups section
  4. Select Exceptions and click Add
  5. Next to Pattern enter
    Note | Make sure Allow is selected from the drop down menu next to Actions
  6. Press OK then Close.


[image] Google Chrome > Pop-up blockers. 


Other pop-up blockers or ad blockers

Below are some applications that may have pop-up blocking functionality.

To alter the pop-up blocking functionality within these programs you will need to consult either your own IT support, or the help files.

Examples include:

  • Google Toolbar
  • MSN Toolbar
  • Norton Internet Security
  • Yahoo Toolbar
  • Zone Alarm Pro


Last updated 26 February 2013


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