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Renew my registration

As a registered motor vehicle trader, you must renew your registration every year.  Renewing your registration can be done online at anytime - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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[icon] Note.Changes to your renewal

From 14 July 2016, instead of completing a paper declaration at each renewal, you are now required complete an online renewal certificate. Read more about these changes...

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Changes to your renewal

From 14 July 2016, the process for renewing your motor vehicle trader application will be different.

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Why you need to renew

The Motor Vehicle Securities Act 2003 (MVSA) requires that all registered motor vehicle traders renew their registration each year.

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How to renew your registration

Renewing your registration is simple. There are two ways you can renew your application to continue as a registered motor vehicle trader – online or paper.

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Trader obligations

Registered traders have a number of obligations under the MVSA. To find out more about these have a look at the Trader obligations.


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