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Changes to your renewal

The process for renewing your motor vehicle trader application changed on 14 July 2016.

What's changed?

Instead of completing a paper declaration at each renewal, you are now required to complete an online renewal certificate.

Renewal process

The renewal process has not changed too much, you will still complete your renewal online by clicking ‘Renew my Registration’ on the home page.

The most important step in the renewal application is to check your details. This includes checking that all contact details are up to date (your email address must be updated for you to receive correspondence regarding your motor vehicle trader registration). You should also update the directors listed on your application. If this information is not up to date your application is incomplete and will not be completed.

Once you have checked all your application details you can then press the ‘RENEW REGISTRATION’ button and you will be directed to the following screen:

[image] Registration renewal certificate screenshot.

This is legally required to be completed by someone who is listed in the drop-down box. If a director is not listed in the dropdown box it is because they have either been added to the registration or had their name changed and are required to complete a statutory declaration (which will be emailed once the payment has been completed).

Once the renewal certificate has been completed you will just need to press ‘SUBMIT’ and then you will be directed to the payment screen.

(Note: If you change all the directors listed on the application you will be directed straight to the payment screen instead of the renewal certificate screen. This is because all changes to directors require a statutory declaration to be completed and witnessed by a JP or other authorised person.)

Once you have made payment you should click CONTINUE and then click the OK button on the submission confirmation screen.

Any statutory declarations that are emailed to you at this point must be completed (including being witnessed by a JP or other authorised person). If these are not submitted before your expiry date your registration will expire and you will be required to re-register under a new number (this includes paying the $595.95 application fee again). 

Important things to note 

Who should be listed on your registration (Companies only)  

You are required to list all directors along with the CEO of the company. You should list their full legal name (as per their licence or passport) and you should ensure that the directors match what is listed on the Register of Companies held by the Companies Office. If this is not completed your registration may be delayed, if this results in expiry of your registration then you will be required to re-register under a new trader number (this includes paying the registration fee of $595.95 again for the new application). 

Who can complete the application to renew 

As per the Motor Vehicle Sales Act, the application must be completed by a person listed on the registration. Only the person who is listed on the online renewal certificate can complete the certificate. Please be reminded that this is a legal document and must be completed by the person listed as making the declaration.


If you have any queries please email or call our Contact Centre on Freephone 0508 MOTORTRADERS (0508 668 678).


Last updated 8 August 2017


Trader obligations

Registered traders have a number of obligations under the MVSA. To find out more about these have a look at the Trader obligations.


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